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GTA vice city app download free for iPhone (iOS) and Android

Mid 1980s Entourage East South America. The heady freedom of the open world and the twisted plot of the formation of an ordinary Italian gangster Tommy Versetti to the heights of the criminal world of this big world. Chases, shootings and crazy missions with radio-controlled helicopters. Many gangs and diverse areas of the city, surrounded by water on all sides.

This is the legend of the world of computer games. This is a legend named GTA Vice City, which is remembered with warmth in the heart to this day. Someone gritting his teeth plays an outdated original, others try to upgrade the game to modern standards in artisanal ways. But there is also a third way that seems appropriate.

Who wants to continue playing the legendary action hit of 2002 and the entire first half of the 2000s, which was amazing and continues to impress today with complete freedom of action in a big and vibrant city? Today, the developer Rockstar offers the opportunity to enjoy GTA Vice City (free download, iOS) on mobile devices.

GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto iPhone

GTA Vice City - Grand Theft Auto iPhone
GTA Vice City – Grand Theft Auto iPhone

The mobile iOS version does not differ much from the original. Modern phones are equal to old PCs and even better. This means that the user can play the classic game unchanged. At the same time, the features of this game are superior to most mobile games. The developers made a winning move, giving a second wind to their product.

Each user has the opportunity to get GTA Vice City apk – free download iOS. All content is preserved in its original form. The only differences are in small graphics changes. It was slightly improved, but all the textures and styles are fully preserved. The controls are also adapted for the touch screen, and it is made in the most convenient format for the response of a rapidly changing game situation.

How to GTA Vice City app download free (iOS)? There are two ways. The game can be found on third-party application sites for free. There everyone can find a full version that will work effectively on the iPhone. However, the game is a too high-profile and hit name that attackers use for dishonest actions. Therefore, each gamer should be careful about GTA free download iOS.

The second option is to buy the official full mobile version of the game from the developer. It is available at App Store. The only problem, this is not GTA Vice City iOS free.

Download on Google Play

Download on App Store

It does not matter which way to play the game is chosen, because we wish everyone a pleasant stay on the streets of the legendary city, bathed in the warm sunshine. This is an adventure that everyone wants to return to again and again. And we suggest recalling the history of the game and all the reasons why it is so loved by millions of gamers around the world before starting.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

So, what we need to know before GTA Vice City iPhone free download? This is the fourth part of the franchise. Game events are partially related to the previous part and take place fifteen years earlier in VC. However, it cannot be called a direct prequel. The game was presented in 2002, became the main hit of the year, and still holds the position of one of the most popular and high-demanded games in history. A large share of sales is precisely the mobile re-release for all the popular platforms 11 years after the first release. And the mobile version is at the top of popular action games of Google Play and App Store 7 years later.

GTA Vice City for iOS free uses an upgraded version of the previous game’s graphics engine. All aspects that made the previous part a great success were preserved here. It is a large and open city with many diverse areas and buildings, pedestrians, active land, water, and air transport.


Game events take place in the fictional Vice City, which repeats with many elements of Miami, Florida. It is 1986, and all elements of the playing space correspond to the era: from fonts to clothes, cars, and popular hits.

It serves as an ideological counterweight to the gloomy and totally urbanistic city from GTA III, the previous part of the series. Here, the player spends playing time in a prosperous and prosperous city with attractive beaches, palm trees, the sun, and all the attendant attributes. However, there are also separate areas that differ from this idyll: a downtown with business buildings, a port industrial zone, Haitians’ and Cubans’ ghettos, and so on.

The plot

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS and Android
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS and Android

What about the plod before download GTA for free iOS? The protagonist of this story is Tommy Versetti. He is Italian-American, 35 years old. At the start of the game, he had just served fifteen years in prison in Liberty City. The Boss sends him to the southern city to sign an important deal with drug dealers. This deal should help him regain his authority and status in the criminal family. At the airport, the protagonist meets Ken Rosenberg, and they, together with two assistants, go to the meeting place, in the docks of Vice City. Everything is not going according to plan when masked extraneous bandits appear. They kill several people, steal money and drugs, and leave. Tommy’s situation is terrible because he was responsible for the loss. The boss demands that this be returned, and the main character begins to look for the perpetrators of the disruption of the deal.

The plot, step by step, tells the story of a person becoming the new crime boss of the city. He begins with small tasks for other leaders, gradually gaining authority and making money, buying real estate, building up his own influence, and completing tasks for his own criminal empire. All means are good for success: his activities include drug trafficking, contract killings, counterfeiting, theft of state property (there is a mission where the player needs to hijack a real tank by shooting a military convoy), racketeering and so on.

As a result, his boss is dissatisfied with the actions of his subordinates and comes to pick up everything. The last mission of the game is to protect the mansion from the attack of the former boss and his gang. In the case of victory, the main character becomes the most authoritative person on the game map. Free movement remains available, and side missions can continue to be completed.

References and style

GTA Vice City iPhone free has many references to 80s pop culture. The main role models are Brian de Palma’s film “The Scarface”, which served as the basis for the game’s scenario and events. Clear illustrations of this are the mansion of Diaz, who subsequently passes into the possession of the main character, as well as the last mission on its territory. One of the game suits the protagonist of the game repeats the clothes of the protagonist of the film. There are also many references to the popular Miami Vice series.

Most of the events are framed by gloss and chic. Missions take place on yachts, in clubs and so on. The game contains a lot of more prosaic segments, but the glamor of the 80s is the basis.


In total, 63 game missions are available, which must be completed in order to complete the game. However, the execution order of most of them can be arbitrary. The gamer can also play in the free mode of an open city. The level of interest of the police for offenses varies from 1 to 6 stars of wanted intensity. Arrest or death in general means completing a mission anew. If the main character disappears from the eyes of the cops for a certain time, they will “forget” about the main character. Peaceful civilian mini-games and missions are available, such as a taxi driver, firefighter, ambulance doctor, pizza delivery man, and even a stadium rider.

If the car is badly damaged, it lights up. It is important to get out of it as soon as possible and move to a safe distance. The explosion takes place wholeheartedly. Damage to the cars looks realistic: dented body elements, dangling doors, and a hood, a crumpled rear bumper, flat tires, etc. In physics, among other things, a real adhesion of the machines to the surface was made, for example, with beach sand and wet asphalt after rain, as well as drifts when the wheels are flat. In total, more than 100 models of cars and other land vehicles with unique characteristics are available. The protagonist can use boats and helicopters.

GTA VC iOS free version contains in its original form all the features of the original game, which are described here.


Vice City iOS free is the same classic GTA about a difficult gangster life and luxurious surroundings of an idle city. Despite the mobile format, all the delights of the computer VC are carefully preserved in full. Much has been improved. For example, it is worth noting improved character models. Everyone in this world now has fingers. Lighting and weather effects have become more realistic.

Also, there’s the new controls, which are adapted for mobile devices. It was quite inconvenient in some cases in the original version. The mission with a radio-controlled helicopter and bombs is still a dream from the nightmares of gamers. Everything has become clearer and more responsive on mobile devices, and the addictive period will be much shorter.

If the main character walks, then the virtual stick is responsible for the movement, which can be moved in any direction. During the ride, the circle retracts, but there are two buttons “left-right”, and to disperse the player will have to operate with the drawn combination of “gas-brake”.

Interface buttons almost do not occupy space on the tablet. So, GTA Vice City for iPad free download is the best idea to play the game. The problem is uncritical on small screens of a smartphone. The radio remained almost unchanged. An inconvenient save system could be fixed, but this is an important element of the “same” gameplay. She remained unchanged.

GTA: Vice City is good, as always. Time does not control it. It’s time to remember a masterpiece or discover it. The mobile version will help to do this in situations where there is no time to sit in front of the computer.


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