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Gta 5 for iPhone (iOS) and Android free download

GTA 5 is arguably the most popular game of all time. Several facts prove this. On the one hand, the developers gave people incredible freedom of action. On the other hand, the popularity of the game on consoles and PCs does not decrease even 7 years after the release. The game remains relevant and fresh in every sense. The only thing that people lack is the ability to immerse themselves in the beloved world of Los Santos on a mobile gadget in any convenient place. Let’s try to figure out what is known and worth the wait and where to find GTA 5 APK iOS free download link.


First of all, before looking for GTA 5 mobile APK free download iOS, let’s remember about the game.

USA 2013 The scene is the thriving resort city of Los Santos, which is a virtual copy of Los Angeles. There are also environs of California and a typical American hinterland in general. The map is very large and goes far beyond the city limits.

The main plot feature is that the player has three main characters. Story missions have to be completed in turn, but the free game mode allows the user to use any of the characters.

Who are these characters?

Michael Townley (Michael de Santa) is a former professional bank robber with a huge amount of illegal activities. Already at the age of 48 and retired. He lives in a rich area of ​​the city, along with his wife and two adult annoying kids. Unbalanced, but trying to restrain anger. Peaceful life is hard for him. Has difficulty communicating with family. It handles well with small arms.

Franklin Clinton is a black guy from a poor area of ​​Los Santos. From an early age, I got used to dirty gangster work. Now he is 25 years old and moonlighting as a “black” courier at a car dealership. He lives with his mother in a one-story shack, a black quarter. Loves good cars and fast driving. Not aggressive, restrained, but at the same time easily shoot a person if he does not like something. He is a very talented driver.

Trevor Phillips is Michael’s best friend and former dirty workmate. At 42 years old, he has no less “feats” than his partner. Professionally engaged in a military career, or rather was a military pilot. Then he got addicted to drugs and was “demoted”. If you say that he is unbalanced, it means not to say anything. He’s just crazy! Trevor can kill a person in just one word or for a wrong look. He had a very difficult childhood. He lives outside the city, in the suburbs, among the country people (whom he hates with all his heart). Not as stupid as it seems, but at the same time his impulsiveness always brings to the blood. Trades in drugs. He is a talented pilot.

Each hero has a special skill. Playing as Michael, the user can slow down by half during shooting. The same thing about Franklin driving. Trevor boasts “fits of rage” when he deals double damage and takes half as much damage at the same time.

The story begins with a linear mission outside of California. In a failed robbery, Michael dies (as it seems) and makes a deal with the cops under the witness protection program. Trevor manages to save, and he thinks that his friend is no more. Then the events move forward 10 years, where Franklin works at a car dealership and steals expensive cars. One day he climbs into Michael’s garage and tries to steal his son’s car. Michael puts the gun to Franklin’s head, but that is how the story of their acquaintance begins. Subsequently, the heroes decide to engage in major robberies, and Trevor sticks out somewhere in the countryside and finds out in a report about the robbery of a jewelry store of his long-dead comrade-in-arms. He immediately goes to Los Santos to find out the relationship and the plot spins in completely unpredictable directions…

It is important to note that the emphasis of the plot has shifted compared to previous parts of the Grand Theft Auto. We used to watch over and over the rise of a petty gangster to the heights of the criminal world. Now the main emphasis is on large robberies with the possibility of preliminary planning, team selection, choice of scenarios. All this creates a powerful effect of the repeated passage. All the same, two of the three main characters are seasoned experts in this matter, and it is uninteresting to deal with trifles. But they will also have their own leverage, which will force them to compromise and save their own lives.

In addition to all this, multiple secondary missions are also available. It allows gamers to expand their presence in the game almost to infinity.

App Info: Do You Know About the Features of GTA 5 IOS?

Rockstar a few years ago released the old parts of the GTA series on mobile devices. GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas fit perfectly into the range of modern mobile games. This is the perfect place where they look relevant right now. However, these are two different weight categories compared to GTA 5. It might be a problem to download GTA 5 for iOS full apk free.

Players around the world passionately want the adventures of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to be available on smartphones and tablets, but this is almost impossible. It’s all about the complexity of technical adaptation. The game would have to be remade from scratch, and the effect of the passage would be different.

Judge for yourself. GTA 5 is a large-scale and high-tech project, and the GTA 5 free download iOS takes tens of gigabytes of disk space. It requires significant computing resources, and there are no phones that can “pull” the game in its original form. An attempt to install a full-fledged GTA 5 iOS APK download file, of course, is doomed to failure initially. But even if you try to adapt the game, it is technically impossible on mobile devices.

Another way to get GTA 5 on iOS free download is to simplify the game to the standards of the old games of the series. Make the graphics worse, simplify the features, and reduce the resource consumption of the game as a whole. But is it worth it? The pleasure of the game will not be right, and it will be too difficult for developers to understand how to implement this in a more or less acceptable video. It is better to once again enjoy a unique gaming experience on a PC, Xbox or PS4, not waiting for GTA 5 APK iOS free.

But if GTA iOS apk free download exists in theory for mobile devices, what was it supposed to be?

First, it would be important to preserve the unique history of the three characters and the game mechanics that are associated with this fact. This is the core of GTA 5, and to cut the game, or do something even a little different under this sign would be wrong. Otherwise, it would have been a different game. But, again, it would be a too resource-intensive game. Simplification of the graphics could be allowed within reasonable limits.

The second is the transfer of multifaceted gameplay for use on touch devices. Here, everything is more or less acceptable and possible for GTA 5 game iOS free download, because you can repeat the functionality of the console joystick on a mobile phone. In this way, there are older ported games in the series. But the ability to connect additional controllers as needed is also important. Device settings must be flexible and customizable.

But this is all in theory. For now, we have to wait for the hour when GTA 5 will become a possible product for mobile devices. The bigger problem is GTA 5 online download iOS. Perhaps this will happen in the foreseeable future. Maybe not, and we can play it when devices of a completely new type take the place of modern smartphones. Technology does not stand still, and we all must be ready for something radically new. As new as the first iPhone in 2008.

How To Download And Install GTA 5 IOS?

As mentioned above, today there is no way to play GTA 5 on mobile devices. There are no official announcements about GTA 5 iPad download free, or iPhone versions. Perhaps there are enthusiasts who are trying to transfer the game to smartphones. However, you should be careful about their actions. It is unlikely that something good will come of this venture, and this can only become a problem for the smartphone. If someone downloads the game, it should be done only from official development. It is still important to consider the scam factor. GTA 5 iOS free mobile version is a hot topic for discussion by fans, and many are keen to cash in on it. Often, under the guise of GTA 5 mobile version, viruses and various dubious software are offered. It is important to be careful in wanting to install the game from suspicious sources. If someone offers a game, it is important to remember that it is not yet in the official mobile version.

What can replace GTA 5 Android iOS free download at the moment? Let’s see what is available on iOS officially.

Grand Theft Auto 5: The Manual

Grand Theft Auto 5: The Manual

This is the official app from Rockstar, and it is available for free. GTA 5 manual is a comprehensive user guide to the game. This is a real celebration for fans. It has collected a lot of structured information about the passage of the game.

Each district of the city is described in detail. Particular attention is paid to opportunities for hanging out, as well as all available missions. There is also a lot of interesting reading material that will help you to dive deep into the world of the game. Such an application will help to pass GTA 5 with maximum comfort, without losing anything. GTA 5 free download: iPhone 6 and newer versions are available.

Grand Theft Auto 5: The Manual
Grand Theft Auto 5: The Manual

Download on App Store

Grand Theft Auto: iFriut

Grand Theft Auto: iFriut

Here’s another official and free replacement for GTA 5 for iPhone free by Rockstar Games. This is a simulator of the Ifrut app from the game world. It contains a lot of funny and simple mini-games that GTA 5 fans will surely appreciate. Users can train Franklin’s dog, create and modify cars from the game world, listen to their favorite radio, and much more. The game is made in a minimalist format, and you should not expect any beauty or dynamic third-person action gameplay here. But this is still a fun way to spend time in your favorite game world.

Grand Theft Auto: iFriut
Grand Theft Auto: iFriut

Download on App Store

GTA: The Trilogy by Rockstar Games

GTA: The Trilogy by Rockstar Games

If a person cannot live without freedom of movement in the city and dashing gangster stories 24/7, then Rockstar has already taken care of this. Three hit classic GTA games are available for download on iPhone and iPad. These games were released long ago, and the difficulties of adaptation to modern mobile devices did not arise. This is a recognized classic that has gone unchanged. The only thing the developers have implemented a new control system for touch devices. Also, they even updated the textures a bit, and their favorite games began to look fresher.

Retelling these stories makes no sense. Each time we are talking about the history of the formation of an ordinary gangster in a large city. And this is a path on which there are many obstacles, betrayals, and losses, but the result justifies the efforts. And no one bothers the players just to ride along the familiar streets and shoot passers-by with the help of a huge arsenal of weapons.

Please note that the official Rockstar games in App Store are paid.

GTA: The Trilogy by Rockstar Games
GTA: The Trilogy by Rockstar GamesGTA: The Trilogy by Rockstar Games

Download on App Store

Gangstar: New Orleans

Gangstar: New Orleans

What about GTA-style games released immediately for mobile? Gangstar: New Orleans is a prime example that can make everyone forget about GTA 5 iOS full game download. The developers used the best available mobile technologies to give the most realistic and lively open world of the city, where gamers have to get into the shoes of another bandit.

Then everything is very simple: the player can do story missions, or just ride around New Orleans, crush and shoot everyone around. The developers offer a lot of gameplay chips that will help to diversify and unique the gameplay: the ability to capture and equip your own island, waging war for the city’s quarters with other gangsters, and much more. The soundtrack and graphics are on top, and this is a worthy copycat of the Grand Theft Auto, who would easily become a hit on PC and consoles during the years of Vice City and San Andreas.

And most importantly, this is a GTA 5 apk iOS free alternative.

Gangstar: New Orleans
Gangstar: New Orleans

Download on App Store


Unfortunately, the time for GTA 5 on mobile devices has not come yet, and it is completely unknown when this will happen. Most importantly, do not be fooled by dubious offers to download the game for free or something like that. All this is a hoax. At the same time, App Store contains many interesting thematic applications about GTA 5, ported classic parts of the series, and many cool games on gangster themes with an open world that were originally created for mobile devices. There is something for everyone to do!


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