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The great story of Carl Johnson in the fictional Andreas, where everything is so much like California, is an unconditional hit for all time. However, like all the rest of the series’ games. This is a huge, detailed story in a completely free world that is simply interesting to discover. Dozens, hundreds, and thousands of hours of gamers stayed here. This feeling of indescribable freedom, framed by the quality of technical performance. Fifteen years later, the game became outdated, but it still serves as the subject of discussions, streams, and everything else.

And it is perfectly corresponding to the power of smartphones. Developers built a fuss and released a mobile version for the iPhone. This is a full, slightly modified visual plan game that sacredly preserves the spirit of the 2005 version. It’s impossible to find differences, and everyone can once again remember the recognizable story of an ordinary guy who built the most powerful gang of the whole map. Chases, skirmishes, and endless streets and fields of SA are waiting for everyone on the screens of iPhones and iPads with GTA San Andreas iOS app free download version!

GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto iPhone

GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto iPhone

Each user has the opportunity to download the full game. App Store contains the official mobile product. This means that users do not need to try to install a full PC or console version on their phone. It is enough to go to App Store, enter the name of the game in the search, and download the full version without restrictions. It contains all of the original content without major changes. The developers made only minor technical changes to make the graphics and some elements of the gameplay look better. Also here are implemented controls, which are adapted for mobile devices.

Everyone can download the game here. It is important to consider that the application is paid. So, notice this is not GTA San Andreas free download for iOS.

GTA San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto iPhone
GTA San Andreas – Grand Theft Auto iPhone

Download on App Store

Gamers can also find hacked apks on the Internet. However, everyone needs to carefully find the correct sources. This game is the subject of a global hype, and cybercriminals take advantage of this. While on the Internet users can find many hacked versions, there are also fake links with viruses. That is, it is possible to download the game for free, but the person should not rush to the first available source. It is better to read reviews and recommendations. It is enough to write in the browser search Download GTA San Andreas iOS for free, and the user can start the search.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

So, now let’s remember everything about the gameplay and notice portable specifics before.

The action of the game and San Andreas for iOS free takes place in the fictional US state in the early 90s. The active map is filled by countryside and small towns, but the main action is placed in three large fictional cities (but there’s a lot of recognizable places from the real world).

The gameplay itself includes options of a TPS action and driving arcade, where the gamer has a large open area for movement. The player’s character can walk, run, swim (Tommy Vercetti of Vice City and earlier characters can’t swim), there are some elements of climbing, jumping, fighting, and shooting.

The new innovation for the series: The protagonist received a large set of customization settings. In the game, each person can change his clothes, tattoos, hair, and even go to the gym to become stronger (or eat a lot to get the fat belly).

Another newest addition was the opportunity for the protagonist to climb a hill, climb over fences. Also, it became possible to buy transport, and not just steal it. The transport catalog has also expanded.

Who is this guy to play?

He was born in Los Santos in 1968. His mother Beverly raised four children all alone. Karl never knew his father, And Sean Johnson (his older brother) kept an eye on him. CJ also has a sister, Kendle, and a younger brother, Brian.

In 1988, Carl becomes the leader of his district’s gang. Later that year, he suddenly kills his younger brother Brian in a car crash. Sean cursed Carl, and CJ decided to recant the past. The change in the living place to Liberty City, another canonical city of the Grant Theft Auto series, was a wise move. There he is engaged in car thefts and minor robberies with Joey Leone.

Four years later, in 1992, Carl returned to his hometown to bury his mother. She was killed. Having landed at the airport, Karl immediately finds himself in a whirlpool of unpleasant events: bad cops accuse him of killing another cop and try to make a cooperation with him, family disagreement and scandals, the former gang has lost all respect on the streets and even his older brother is not happy to meet. Karl notices that his gang is close to complete disintegration, and decides to help her regain her former greatness. From that moment on, he will have to fight for territory in his native city, oust rival groups, win and lose, gradually moving along the plot to neighboring state cities. As a result, he will become the most influential organized crime leader in the game’s world.

Each person will play classic action missions, wars between gangs, as well as, for example, participation in low-rider competitions. Now let’s talk about the mobile port and GTA San Andreas iPad free download.

The port is made perfectly, and that’s it. It’s nice and relaxed to play. In 2013, the mobile version was designed for top gadgets, and it did not work properly on most standard phones of that time. Today it feels great on any new iPhone. There is no need to buy expensive latest devices for a comfortable game. In many respects, precisely, for this reason, the game holds the I place in popularity in between the most popular actions on App Store more than 5 years after the release here.

Not only newest phones, but even on old iPhones, the game runs fast, providing a decent picture and without any complaints is controlled by touches. Management differs from the PC and the console version, and it can be flexibly configured to suit the needs of each individual person. The user can use the drawn buttons, the joystick, or use the familiar swipe. Everyone is even allowed to change the location of the icons on the screen. The game will not annoy anyone with random slowdowns, glitches or freezes.

By the way, support for physical controllers for iOS is also present for GTA San Andreas iOS free. The game supports the Moga Pro wireless gamepad. Each gamer can connect the phone via HDMI to the TV to playfully.

Very successfully corrected the driving skills of the hero. For example, in the PC version, at first, it was too hard to control motorcycles. But not now. The hero continually fell on the asphalt, and the naughty bike rolled down from a high cliff right under the train. Now Karl is much more difficult to get out of the saddle. In the same way as cars. Previously, it happened to break several oncoming cars on the way to the marker of the beginning of the mission, because the sensitivity of the control was too high. It was possible to rectify the situation only with time, as Carl’s driving skills improved.

Also, everyone will get GTA San Andreas free iOS with the full soundtrack. There is no forced deprivation, as it was in the previous game of the series with the Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Convenient “checkpoints” on missions were added. In the event of an unsuccessful combination of circumstances, the game will helpfully throw player to the beginning of the assignment without additional following to the marker. The visual component is slightly modified. But total texture processing did not happen. Some models got a bump, and the fingers on the hands of all the characters began to exist separately from each other.

Also worth mentioning is cloud synchronization. This was a long-awaited innovation, which allowed us to take a single version on several devices.


We talked in this article about the world’s largest mobile gaming event. Rockstar showed everyone how to port high-quality games to mobile devices in a quality manner. The best reward for this is the continuing popularity of the game on App Store, which has held a leading position for years. Everyone can get it officially or find and install GTA San Andreas iOS free.



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