App that Spotify sync local files to iPhone (Apple Music)

App that Spotify sync local files to iPhone (Apple Music)

Spotify is a streaming music service available in 66 countries. The audience totals more than 100 million people, in its catalog more than 300 million songs. The service can be used on desktops, mobile devices, on the web, as well as on game consoles, televisions and stereo systems. Probably, this is the most popular music service of the new generation at the moment, which has successfully won the audience from official applications for Android and iOS platform. One of the key elements of the service is a mobile application that includes many useful features, including Spotify sync local files to iPhone, and other platforms and services. Next, we will describe in detail the capabilities of this streaming service in general and the application in particular.


Spotify: Music and Podcasts
Spotify: Music and Podcasts

The application greets the user with a stylish design with a primary black color and green accents. The design is worked out in the details, and the users quickly develop a stable, memorable image of the visual component. This is an aesthetic that instantly became part of a powerful brand.

It should be taken into account that the interface, a set of functions and individual elements of the appearance of the application may have differences depending on the version or modification, including other options, like Spotify sync local files to phone. However, the basic elements of the appearance are unchanged, and the user will not get confused.

Free & paid versions

Having passed through the first visual impression of the application and the service as a whole, we are moving to the issue of registration and its subsequent use. We’re talking about Spotify syncing local files for example. We note immediately: the free and paid versions are available in parallel. That is, Spotify can be used without a fee. However, restrictions come up here that make everyone think about buying a paid subscription. Let us focus on the main aspects of such a possible solution.

First of all, we are talking about sound quality. The free version offers an “exploratory” character of sound that most music lovers will not be content with. But this does not mean that songs in the free mode wheeze and annoy. The second is advertising. If the user wants to use Spotify for free, then every few songs he will have to listen to the commercial. The premium version removes this inconvenience. There are also restrictions on the functions.

But there are concessions. Developers previously set a limit on the number of songs that can be listened to for a certain period of time. Now there are no such restrictions, and each person can listen to music for free at least all day, or make Spotify local files sync. With advertising and in poor quality, of course.

But is it worth buying a subscription, though? Users can test the premium mode for free for one month to decide on a purchase. The list of tariff plans is very flexible, and users can make the best decision on the number of accounts easily while using offline sync Spotify local files etc.

Cross-platform convenience

As has been said, Spotify supports currently more or less popular user platforms. If you delve deeper into the issue, there are many features, including Spotify syncing local files, that make the service invaluable. This is one of the main reasons why Spotify looks better than most other platforms. Sync spotify desktop to mobile is much better than the same option by others.

The thing is that the service has a lot of opportunities for synchronization (Spotify offline sync iPhone is one of them) between mobile applications, desktop version, web version, Smart TV, game consoles and so on. Users can synchronize data with other popular music platforms and services conveniently. For example, we’re talking about sync Soundcloud to Spotify, or sync Spotify to Deezer and much more. Sync Spotify to Apple Music deserves special attention here.

Users note the seamlessness and speed of switching between platforms, as well as the speed of data synchronization in any direction.

App that Spotify sync local files to iPhone (Apple Music)
App that Spotify sync local files to iPhone (Apple Music)

Recommendations & playlists

All the popular streaming services offer smart and rich recommendations, taking into account the library and user requests. But Spotify stands out for its maximum convenience and variety. If the user switches from Apple Music to Spotify, then you will understand right away: charts, curatorial collections, playlists for any genres, themes and moods. The useful function of Radio is worth noting: just select a song, playlist or album, and the algorithms collect an endless selection of something similar. The radio will automatically turn on immediately after listening to an album.

Spotify’s two distinctive details are personalized weekly playlists that try to quench the taste of each individual. Every Monday, Spotify sends tracks that the user should like by miscalculation of the algorithm. This includes unheard musicians’ compositions that have already been noted in the user’s library, as well as completely new compositions for the listener.

Algorithms can be customized for you by listening, liking, deleting songs from the proposed collections. Over time, the playlist can turn into a great place to search for new artists/songs. All of this is related to sync Spotify desktop version to mobile.

Release Radar is dedicated to brand new music. Every Friday, Spotify sends you a collection of songs from the releases of bands and artists that you like. Sometimes a couple of songs come from albums that the user did not know about.

Daily Mixes is a series of daily automatically playlists where songs are grouped by genre, country, and nationality. It all depends on what the user listened to recently. The selection is not limited by the number of tracks and is constantly loaded.

All this makes Spotify a huge field of musical discoveries and experiments with the opportunity to syncing Spotify desktop to mobile and much more.


Spotify has the status of the standard bearer of the movement of music streaming services by right. All the necessary functions are available here to listen to your favorite music without restrictions, as well as search for new favorite artists and compositions. All this is also emphasized by the user-friendly design and technical excellence of the application. Unfortunately, the service is not yet officially available in many large countries: India, countries of the post-Soviet space, and so on. This can be considered the only major drawback of the application, and it is associated only with company policy.

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p.s. Spotify local files not syncing to iPhone? There’s a lot of instructions to solve such problems on the Internet. And everyone can discover it easily.

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