How do you delete your vine account (Android and iPhone)?

How to delete vine account on iPhone and Android

Vine is a modern way of a person to talk about the details of his daily life. This is a tool for creating short videos that can be published for subscribers on a social network in the public domain. The key to Vine’s success is the video format. The user can create a video with a length of only a few seconds, which ideally corresponds to the involvement of a modern person in the content provided. Little attention is paid to content today, and it is important to have time to invest in a small time interval in order to make yourself known to someone. If the content does not capture attention in a few seconds, its author loses.

So, Vine has become one of the flagships of this trend. Everyone can create free Vine account and become popular. The mega-popular application has passed the peak of popularity, but remains in demand today. Recorded videos can be quickly exported to other social networks in order to increase people’s interest in the created content.

How to delete Vine account? If a person has a need to delete a Vine account, this requires several actions. This article is created to help everyone to delete Vine account without too much effort.

How to delete your vine account

How to delete vine account
How to delete vine account

The procedure for deleting a Vine account consists of several stages. It is slightly different for users of devices based on Android and iOS. We will consider the removal procedure separately for this reason.

We suggest starting with how to how to delete Vine on an Android mobile phone.

First of all, the user needs to go into the Vine App. Find the icon and click on it. Next, go to the profile; click on the profile picture. So the user enters the Vine settings menu.

The user needs to scroll through the settings menu to the very end. In the end there is a “Deactivate account” section. Click on it. The next step is confirmation of the action. The application will ask the question: “Deactivate your account?”. Also, an explanation will follow that the user profile and all published videos will be hidden soon after this action. What does means to deactivate my Vine account? This means that the user can change the decision over a period of time. He has another 30 days to recover his account right here in the settings. If this is not done, but the user account is permanently deleted.

If the user has decided to deactivate the account permanently, it is enough to confirm the action in this window. Done! The Vine account on the Android phone is locked.

Now it’s the turn of iPhone users. Let’s discover how to delete a vine account on iPhone.

The first action here is similar, open the Vine app to start learning on how to delete vine account on iPhone. Next, click on the icon with the image of a man to go to the profile. The next step is to click on “Settings”.

In the settings there is a section “Your content”, which should be selected. Next, the user needs to scroll through the menu to find the “Deactivate Account” button. This is the key on how to delete your vine account on iPhone.

By clicking it, the user will see a confirmation window. It also describes information about deactivating and completely uninstalling the application. After reviewing the conditions, the user can make the final decision. Confirmation leads to deactivation of the account for 30 days. This is real to find the answer on how to reactivate Vine account during this period. Following this is the final deletion of the account.


Above is the most complete instruction to deactivate Vine account. However, there are a few points worth mentioning in the end.

There is one common mistake that people often make. Removing the Vine app from the phone does not mean that you delete your Vine account. This means that there will be no Vine application on the smartphone, and the profile in the system will be saved, and other users will see the content and profile of the person in the future.

It is important that the removal of the Vine account leads to the deletion of the Twitter account. To avoid this, the user must contact Twitter manually through the contact form. The form is available on the official Vine website. The form includes several questions and fields for entering user data, including full name, Vine identifier, Twitter profile name, email address and contact phone number.

After confirming the action, you can delete your Vine safely. It is important to note that this method leads to the fact that the user will no longer be able to activate the account through this form.

Now you have all the information on how to delete your Vine. It’s time to do it! Or take the exact opposite decision. The main thing is that comprehensive information is provided. The decision is up to the user. Perhaps the instruction will help to ponder again whether it is worth taking an irrevocable action. However, the period of account deactivation just allows a person to think it all over again. But no one can postpone the final decision, the complete deletion of the account can catch up, if you delay.

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