Motion Math: Pizza! app review

Motion Math Pizza app review
Motion Math: Pizza! app review
Motion Math: Pizza! app review

Motion Math: Pizza! is a pizzeria management simulator designed specifically for children. This application is not just a game, but special tools that teach children the basics of economics and business. This is a “pocket universe”, where children get the opportunity to be responsible for business decisions in the form of creating an assortment of dishes, establishing contacts with suppliers, working with customers and much more.

The game begins with a small start-up capital, which is designed to open a business. This amount is enough to establish the initial processes. Further, everything becomes more interesting, since any improper action carries consequences up to bankruptcy. The latter may happen due to a sequence of incorrect decisions.

While discovering Motion Math Pizza’s gaming features, children get new opportunities that are designed to expand and improve the business. So, the pizzeria is becoming larger, there are new ingredients for pizza and expanding the range of dishes.

A key aspect of the gameplay is learning math. The child must calculate independently favorable prices for delivery and economically feasible price tags for ready-made pizza. Each gaming day provides detailed financial information related to the decisions made. It is important to consider that with the development of the pizzeria, the complexity of the game process grows. At some point, the tasks of working with suppliers and pricing become so sophisticated that even adults will have to think about their solution.

Developers recommend Motion Math: Pizza! app as an instrument of classwork in a team. This is an easy way to replace many boring and banal practical exercises. In addition, the app teaches children not just math, but useful skills that will come in handy in adulthood when starting a business.


Motion Math: Pizza! app’s a bright, friendly visually and exciting application that teaches children important things in a playful way. It can be used as an optional tool for classwork, and here everything is carefully thought out from the point of view of teaching a child to economics. For this reason, the application deserves the wide attention of teachers and parents. It is worth noting that there is no final goal in the game, and the user loses at some point. This element of gameplay would be worth fixing. Hope you enjoy this Motion Math: Pizza! app review.


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